Stuffed parathas – Onions, Capsicum, paneer, cheese!!!

Coming back after ages!! Now, I fully intend to keep the blog updated. Fingers crossed.

Stuffed parathas are something that bring back amazing memories from childhood. Whenever mum used to tell me that dinner is aloo parathas and tomato soup, the only stuffing we used back then, I used to drool over it all evening until it was time to finally go om nom nom!!!

Now, I always think of ways to replace veggies and rotis with stuffed parathas, because lets face it – its one and the same thing and parathas taste yummy!

This time, it was onions, capsicum, paneer and cheese!!


Stuffing I used:

  • 2 finely chopped onions (as fine as possible because while rolling the parathas, onions tear them the most!)
  • 3 finely chopped green capsicum (you can also add other colors)
  • 50 gms shredded paneer
  • 2 cubes shredded amul cheese
  • 2 finely chopped green chillies
  • salt, oregano and chilli flakes to taste



Now, the dough has to be soft and stretchy so that the filling does not tear your paratha. I add a little ghee along with oil while kneading. And also a little milk. Salt and ajwain makes the dough perfect, though I haven’t used them this time.


You can use all kinds of fillings. Spinach & paneer; aloo onion cheese, peas & mint; mooli onion mint. Mint is a game changer. The taste blends with almost all kinds of veggies while also standing out in the final dish making it yummier!

For dough, the variation would be a combination of wheat and maida, or rice flour where onions and capsicums are involved.

The veggies can also be kneaded with the dough itself. But I liked stuffed ones better.


Any combination of vegetable soup, raita or chutney can go with stuffed parathas. We had boondi raita with this one.



For the calorie conscious – you may remove ghee while kneading and cheese as an ingredient. Also, leave garnishing with butter out of the recipe. And the recipe will be a good healthy one with very little fats included.

Hope you like it!!!!

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